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When is it legal to record police officers doing their duties?

It's perfectly legal to record police -- openly or covertly -- whenever they are on duty in public, as long as you don't interfere. Recording police going about their business is a protected First Amendment activity.

5 ways to protect your rights when the police pull you over

You have rights whenever you are stopped by the police. If there is any question that you could be charged with a crime, you should exercise your constitutional rights, remain silent and contact an attorney. Here's what you need to know.

Criminal defense lawyers help get treatment for mentally ill

In Washington State as well as throughout the country, there has always been a fine line between criminal behavior and actions that result from mental illness that the accused is unable to control. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is working to get authorities to recognize the right of individuals to get mental health treatment instead of being sent to a state prison where incarceration can be tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment.  A criminal defense attorney can be a valuable resource in controlling the system from abuses in this subject area.

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